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  155. Padmini.P.V

    The vessel of honor is not to be found in the lump of clay, but in the mind of the potter. The clay is merely molded into that vessel of honor by the potter’s touch. So yield to God’s molding. He’s fashioning you into His best work yet. You are a “Master’s-piece” in the making!

  156. Sibi George

    Praise the Lord.
    I am Sibi George from Yemen. I am viewing ‘Live Podcasting’ now at
    1130 AM – IST on 27/02/2011. Today the sound & video quality both
    are fine and I am able to view the worship live without any delays.
    I thank God for all his blessings. Keep up all your hard work.

    • admin

      Dear Bro. Sibi,
      Thanks for your encouraging comments. God Bless You. Uphold us in your prayers, so that this endeavour may continue and help multitudes of people to come to the Lord. All Glory be unto God.
      NS – during the telcast, if you have any comments, please use the chatbox provided just below the video player, so that the replies from our side can be fast.

  157. Gomes Delfiantony

    Praise the Lord, Church of Gandhidham is Live, May God Bless many people all over the World by the continuous prayer of this gracious Church. Pastor Steven the desire of your heart is fulfilled Psalm 37:4. Congratulation’s to one and all for your 24X7 prayers. God Bless you all, we are privileged to attend the service today….Praise the Lord.. Gomes & Family, Diu.

    • Admin

      Thanks a lot for the comments…. All Glory and Honour be to the Almighty God… pls. keep us updated about your views and comments on this website at the Live Message Box… God bless you

  158. Masilamani Aruldas

    God is really faithful, again this year during the annual convention. He still is the God of expansion. An open air meeting in a big new venue, with royal facilities for accommodation, food and arraignments.

    also Thanks, for providing DVD’s of the Annual convention 2010 right after the meetings. DVD quality is greatly appreciated. May God bless you Bro. Gladwin, Bro. Vimal, Bro. Stephan, Bro. Sunil, and all who contributed behind it.

  159. This sunday i was watching the worship from begining till the end… It was just amazing..Very good output…Very well launched site by our Church without any hyccups… Thank God for this….simply superb..

  160. Sibi George

    Dear Friends in Christ,
    It is really amazing to watch this year’s convention of our Church go live on air. Now I am sitting here in Hodeidah, Yemen and the local time at Gandhidham is 11:30 AM. I am viewing the Sunday’s worship LIVE via the internet without any problems. It got good sound and video output. Thank God for this achievement and may GOD bless this congregation more which will enable us to reach out to the world outside.
    In His Love & Mercy,
    Sibi George

  161. Reji Alex & Family

    Thank you Ps Stephen uncle for launching this great website and live podcasts!! Got the url link through Johnsonchayan (Deesa)…

    Anointed Speakers! Powerful Messages!!

    God bless

    Houston, TX, USA.

  162. Pastor Joseph Chacko

    Excellent website and the live podcast is excellent. It is good for the past COG members around the world to attend the Worship where ever they are. Pl don’t encourage the young people of the church to sit at home and watch the podcast as they need to be physically there in the House of God. God Bless all your efforts to see the Kingdom of God come in the whole of Kutch and other parts of Gujarat and India.

  163. Blesson

    Thanks for this website , it goods for us who can’t come to attend the morning services but can hear the message from the office.

  164. Samuel David

    Congrats and a Hi-Fi to the rising ‘mision’ and ‘vision’ of this very very extraordinary Church serving each and every need of millions with all the newest technologies available in this modern era for the ONE and ONLY glory of Yeshu Masih . . .!! Proud to be a member of this organization.

  165. lephen

    A very good attempt. Congrats! May the Lord this a chanel of blessing for so many people. IF there could be some kind of background on the wall. Like. A flex with your Church monogram as well as a Bible verse. I am able to see Pastor Stephen in full form. Nice to see him preach in Good health.


  166. Dinesh Chandran

    Dear Tatha,

    I was watching the program, but i am not able to hear anything. There is no audio with the live telecast.

    Tatha hope everything is well with you & hope the ministry is going on well. Praying for your ministry & for your health.

    Thank you & God Bless,

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